Using the Linksys cloud account for Ping test

ping test is the possible solution you can go for if you are getting performance issues for your devices. if you realize that your computer and router devices are not getting communication paths easily, then you must go for the Ping test for your device. Using the Ping command is also possible throng Linksys smart wifi account. You have to make sure that you have a valid Linksys smart wifi account so that you can easily go for the Linksys cloud account Ping test without any kind of issues. Make sure to update and Linksys cloud login password for your device time to time so that you can secure the login for your device. you can also update the firmware file for your Linksys wifi routers from any remote location is you have a Linksys cloud activated for your device.

Performing the Ping Test using Linksys Cloud Account

  • Using the web browser you will need to access the Linksys smart wifi account. There are two ways to access the Linksys smart wifi account. You can use http:// web address or you can use http:// IP address for making login for your device.

  • Go for the “Router Settings” tab.

  • After that you can select “Troubleshooting” tab.
  • Because you want to perform the Ping test so you will need to select “Diagnostics” button.

  • First you will need to host name of the device for which you want to perform the ping test and then click on “Start Ping” button. You will also need to specify the maximum number of pings you want to perform for your device.

  • You will receive a new window where you will see the results for your Ping test.

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